Sunday, 25 May 2014

Storm Roof Insurance Tips

No one can predict weather. Hence, if you live in storm prone regions in the United States, it is advisable that you take up a storm insurance. When you are purchasing storm insurance, ensure that it is covering roof insurance in it. Roof is one of the most damaged parts in a house when hit by a storm. Therefore, once the storm is over, go out and check your roof for any damages. Take photographs and make a note of the damages caused to the roof. These will be needed when you contact your insurance agent to get the claim from the insurance company.

When you contact your insurance agent, tell him in detail regarding the damages such as leaking that are caused due to the storm and any repair that would be needed on an urgent basis. After you have contacted your insurance agent, you will get a call from adjuster from the insurance company. In most cases, he will come to the house and see the damages caused due to the storm. He will then inform the insurance company regarding the estimated cost of the damages.

So, when purchasing storm insurance, check in detail if the insurance company is covering your roof in the claim or not.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Earthquake insurance

Earthquake insurance is ensuring one’s property in the eventuality of an earthquake if the policyholder’s house gets destroyed. So, if you reside in an area which is prone to earthquakes, getting an earthquake insurance policy will be a viable option for you. The rates of insurance for earthquakes policy varies as per the location and likelihood of an earthquake. There are many regions in the United States, such as the mid-west, which are prone to earthquakes. Some of the states included in mid-west are:

  1. The New Madrid Seismic Zone in southeastern Missouri: This region includes eight states of Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee.
  1. The Wabash Valley Seismic Zone along Illinois: This region includes three states Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky which are bordering Indiana.

California and Charleston area in South Carolina are also among high earthquake prone regions in the United States. California is the state with maximum number of earthquake insurance than any other state in the country. A lot of homeowners are already covered under earthquake insurance but those who are not should consider it to safeguard their biggest financial asset against it. Making an investment towards earthquake insurance will help you greatly if unfortunately your area is stuck by the natural calamity.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Home Affordable Refinance Program

With the rising inflation rate and poor housing market, anyone can get in a deep neck situation with their mortgage loans. In such scenario, Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) can come to their rescue. In the United States, HARP was set up by the Federal Housing Finance Agency in 2009 as a federal program to homeowners who are looking for refinancing their mortgage loans. These are provided to homeowners who are ‘underwater’ and ‘near-underwater’ conditions with their home mortgage loans.

The program aims at helping homeowners with mortgage refinance whose mortgage payments are current but are not able to refinance their mortgage loans due to the U.S. housing market correction.

Some of the qualifying criteria to apply for HARP are:

  1. Regular payments for the past 12 months
  1. The loan to value ratio at the time of applying should be more than 80 percent
  1. Mortgage loan should be backed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae
  1. Mortgage must have closed on or finalized on or before May 31, 2009.
  1. Mortgage loan has not been refinanced in the last 3 years.

So, if you have been looking to refinance your mortgage loan but was unable to do so, HARP can come to your rescue and help save a substantial amount in your monthly payments.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Foreclosure Process

A foreclosure is the process where the property is seized due to the owner’s inability to pay the monthly installments. Delinquency, Foreclosure & Eviction are the various stages that the owner goes through to be forced out of his or her property.

If a homeowner misses the mortgage payments on the first of the month, a late fee is charged on the mortgage amount for the next 15 days. However, if the homeowner misses the payment by 60 days, then a demand letter is sent, noticing and giving them an extension of 30 days to pay the delinquent amount.

Going further, if the homeowner passes 90 days in paying the amount, then the loan is transferred to the foreclosure department. The default notice is then transferred to the county and the same is mailed out to the homeowner within ten days. From here, the homeowner is given another 90 days to make the payment for the delinquent amount.

In case of no payments are made after a period of 90 days, a notice of sale is recorded. According to the notice, the lender will sell the house within a period of 21 days. The copy of notice of sale is recorded on the county and a similar copy is sent to the homeowner. Following the sale of the property, the eviction process starts from the foreclosed owners.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

529 College Savings Plans

529 College Savings Plans were created by the Congress in 1996 to help parents save for their children’s college fund. These saving plans are also known as ‘Qualified Tuition Program’ and give tax benefits on the principal amount. So, if you are a parent of a new-born, then saving in these plans can reap you maximum benefits. There are two types of 529 College Savings Plans:

  1. Pre-paid Tuition Choice: In this option, one can pay a child’s tuition fees at the current rate for the eligible state colleges or universities. The plan is also applicable if he or she decides to attend a college outside the state. Private colleges are also covered under this plan that allows parents to buy a tuition unit for a year.
  1. 529 Savings Option: This plan allows parents to save money towards their children’s tuition fees. Funds from the account can be used to pay towards a child’s tuition fees, school fees, books, room rent and various other expenses towards higher-education expenses. Every state has their own specific rules and regulations with the underlying same law governing all of them.

So, save towards your child’s educational fund, so that when he or she grows up you are able to secure their future by providing them higher education.

Friday, 16 May 2014

7 Steps to Plan your Savings for Children's Education

This infographic titled ‘7 Steps to plan your savings for children's education’ from MoneyTips highlights the importance of Planning for Child Education to secure their future. This will be useful for readers showing Seven Steps to Plan their Child’s Education and  to ensure that nothing stands in their way.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Accident Health Insurance plan

Accident health insurance plan is a practical solution for anyone who is looking to insure themselves against any accidents. These plans come under indemnity category and will provide insurance for your injuries resulting from an accident.

There are no qualifying criteria for applicants when applying for Accident health insurance plans. The best part of these plans is that they can be redeemed from any doctor, hospital and other healthcare facilities. The plan has the coverage amount of $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000 for its beneficiaries.

The typical deductible amount that a person needs to pay before he or she receives the amount is $100 dollars. When you have covered yourself under an accident health insurance plan, medical bills such as ambulance charges, lab tests, x-rays and other such expenditures are also paid under the cover plan.

Under most cases accident health insurance plan will pay for a person’s accidental injuries. However, they are not applicable if the person during the time of the accident is found to be under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

So, if you haven’t insured yourself under accident health insurance plan, it is advisable that you insure the most important thing in your life i.e. yourself.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mortgage Refinance factors

Refinancing a home purchase loan is a commonly availed option for many homeowners who are looking for reducing their monthly repayments. But just because it is commonly availed by many homeowners, does not mean that it is good for you as well. Whether applying for a mortgage refinancing is a good option for you or not depends on your situations.

The first important factor that you need to consider is your loan-to-value ratio (LTV). It is advisable that your LTV is at least 80 percent of your loan in case of refinancing. An equity amounting to at least 20 percent of your loan is advisable. The lower the LTV, the better chances you stand for a refinancing with better rates.

The second important aspect is the interest rate of the new loan. Calculate how much the new interest rate will prove beneficial to you and the monthly savings that you will achieve with the new refinanced loan. This will give you an idea whether you should apply for the loan or not. Check about the closing rates as well when calculating the savings. Calculating new interest rates along with closing costs will give you a detailed idea regarding the worth of the refinanced loan.

Home Purchase Loan for Self Employed

It is everyone’s dream to purchase their own home, but it is not an easy process. Applying for mortgage loans can be a tedious and tiresome process, with months in waiting. However, self-employed people find it more difficult than people with fixed regular jobs in finding the lender which will provide them with the best interest rates.

One of main reasons behind this difficulty is the uncertainty associated with incomes and job-security of a self-employed applicant. There is no guarantee of a fixed income of the debtor affecting the loan repayment. But that does not mean that self employed cannot apply for the loan.

When a self-employed person is applying for a home-loan, there are certain qualifying criteria’s for qualifying. The applicant needs to provide income proof that will furnish as the status that the person business is going fine financially.

Apart from the income proof, there are other documents that need to be submitted with the bank to apply for a mortgage loan. These include the business credit report, trading tax returns and business license. Another criterion is that the person should have been self-employed for at least a period of three years prior to applying for the loan.

So, if you are qualifying the criteria, you can apply for a mortgage loan to purchase your own home.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Foreclosure and Eviction Process

Many times due to unfortunate circumstances, several homeowners have to face foreclosure and eviction from there homes. The process can be exhausting process with the family leaving the property and moving to a new place.

Foreclosure is the process of selling a debtor’s property to recover the loan amount. Generally, a foreclosure takes place if the debtor is late behind his/her payments for around 3 to 6 months. If the debtor is unable is pay the amount after this period, banks order foreclosure of the property to recover the loan amount.

Once the property is put for foreclosure, the eviction process law varies from state to state. Some states give a period of one year for homeowners to stay and redeem the property and some states do not have any eviction period. An eviction process generally takes about 2 to 4 weeks, where the homeowner is given the notice to look for another place to live. But once, the notice period gets over, locks are changed and the homeowners are put on the streets if they have not evicted the property yet. Therefore, it is better to look out for a new place before the sheriff comes home for the eviction process.

College savings with 529 Plans

In the United States, college fees are extremely high with a big expenditure on the part of the parents. But at the same time, they are an investment for your child’s future. People who have a better educational background earn and live a better life with better amenities and money to support their own families.

If you are a new parent, it is best to start investing in your child’s education from today itself to make sure that you have saved enough money for your child’s education. Among many plans, 529 plans are a good option to invest your money.

The 529 plan is a state-operated savings plan, which has various benefits such as tax-exemption on the capital amount. The plan was introduced by Congress and is also known as qualified tuition programs (QTPs). Introduced in 1996, it is one of the popular investment plans offered by all the states in the country.

Every state offers differ plans to its citizens, but there are two major divisions offered by all the states.
  • College saving plans
  • Prepaid tuition plans
529 plan offers are exempted from federal taxes even in the case of withdrawals, as long as the withdrawals are towards paying college fees of your child. So, of you are planning to invest in college funds 529 plans are a viable option.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Students Loan Are An Investment In Future

This infographic titled ‘Students Loan Are An Investment In Future‘ from MoneyTips highlights the importance of Education. This infographic is created for readers who are interested in borrowing student loans.

The Best Money Tips

MoneyTips has launched an infographic titled ‘The Best Money Tips‘ to show the keys to financial success. This infographic is created for investors who are interested in saving and gaining money.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to Save Money while Studying Abroad?

student money saving tips [Infographic]

This infographic shows you money saving tips whilst you are an international student can be FUN! With practical and effective ways you will be able to save a few bucks and enjoy your student experience to the max.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

6 Must Have Policies For A Happy Living | MoneyTips - This video by MoneyTips highlights the importance of Insurance. Most of the American families are either uninsured or under insured and they constantly live in danger of being helpless in case of a disaster.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Disability Insurance – All You Need to Know

Most of us are skeptical when it comes to insurance, particularly personal injury and disability insurance. A small accident can leave you disabled for life. This is a situation where the person who has been injured, starts dwelling in negativity and hopelessness.

Disability insurance is an important part of our life as it protects us during an unfortunate event or occurrence. Disability, apart from making an individual incapable of working and earning his/her bread also asserts financial pressure on him/her in terms of medical billings and costs. When a person has limited income, it can never be a happy situation to manage the daily life and manage the devouring medical bills simultaneously.

Disability insurance is important as it acts as a shield against the uninvited financial turbulences that come with disabilities, injuries or accidents. Disability insurance by allowing a victims to pay their bills make them self reliant and confident, which eventually help them in leaving the trauma behind and starting a new life afresh.

Nobody can predict the occurrence of accidents and therefore it is wise to invest a small portion of your income towards disability insurance. So, prepare for your future and choose the right disability insurance policy for you.

Things You Must Ask Your Car Accident Insurance Adjuster

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. It is therefore necessary to protect you with accidents, sickness and injury insurance. Car accident claims can be tricky and tedious to deal with. Here are a few things that you should ask the insurance adjuster –

  • Always be proactive and consider secondary policies to go with your insurance cover. This would give you an overall protection from the various issues related to the car accident.
  • Do not forget to ask the adjuster about the duplicate copies of the policy and any other document that gives the details about the policy. This is extremely important as it will tell you about the claim.
  • When the accident is not your fault, get that in writing and keep a copy with you. Although most of the insurance companies would prefer not to provide this to you, it is advisable to ask for a copy as it will be a proof that the accident did not occur because of you. Also, make sure that the document has the contact details of the witnesses in it.

Accidents not only harm you physically, but they also cripple you financially by adding to your medical costs and vehicle repairs. Choose the right accident insurance policy for you to protect you during an accident.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

7 Big Retirement Investing Mistakes

This infographic titled ‘7 Big Retirement Investing Mistakes’ from Moneytips helps people in investing with an objective of creating corpus for their retirement. This infographic will help them avoid costly mistakes by showing the mistakes commonly occurring.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Best Investment Strategy for 2014 - Moneytips

This video describes 5 investment tips for great returns in the New Year 2014. It gives simple and smart steps which can be taken into account while making a smart investment strategy or for revising the current financial strategy. This video will give the investors best allocations and the returns they can get by using them. For more info, visit:

Financial Planning Tips for 2014 – Moneytips - This video titled 'Financial Planning Tips for 2014' describes the 7 practices for a better management of personal finance in the New Year 2014. It gives simple and smart steps which can be taken up as ideal New Year resolutions.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Infographic: Bankruptcy

The infographic titled ‘Bankruptcy’ has been created by Moneytips with the big idea of imparting information about the different aspects of bankruptcy. In some cases it is beneficial for a person to file bankruptcy, but they are unable to do so due to the lack of detailed knowledge. This infographic aims at filling that gap.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Monday, 3 March 2014

Evictions – Why Hiring an Attorney can be Beneficial?

Evicting a tenant from your house is not something one looks forward to excitedly. However, for a landlord, it is something, which at many times become unavoidable. And if you are someone who has rented more properties, you are more likely to go round and round the courts to get the eviction proceedings done.

Most of the landlords are of the view that they can handle the eviction process on their own. However, in reality, eviction is a long and tedious process. Hiring an attorney specializing in evictions could be extremely helpful in such a situation.

Going to courts is extremely time consuming. For a busy individual, driving to a court and attending the hearings can take most of the day. Imagine sitting in the court aisles and waiting for your turn. This is where eviction attorneys can help you out. Apart from saving your precious hours, hiring an attorney would also give you a professional edge in your case. Attorneys know the intricacies of the law and can put a better case for you, ensuring that you do not fall to the tricks used by tenants to win the case.

Hire a professional attorney who can represent you in court and help you in winning it against your tenant.

Protect Your Family with a Sound Disaster Plan

Unpredictability of nature is the only predictable thing that we know. One can not predict when a natural calamity would strike and at what impact. Every year, billions of dollars are lost in floods, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters. So for a homeowner, it becomes extremely important to safeguard your family and this can be done with a sound disaster management plan.

It is always recommended to take preventive measures rather than worry about later. Learn about the different disasters, which might strike in the area where you live. Once you have all the data with you, it is the time to prepare yourself from such natural disasters.

Depending upon the geographical area where you live, you must get your house protected with natural disaster insurance. For instance, if you stay in an earthquake prone region, it is extremely important to go for earthquake insurance to protect your belongings and property from the damages caused by the earthquake. Natural disasters do not come by knocking on your door. Prevent your family and property before its too late.

Saving for Your Future

Retirement is that time when you are free from all the obligations and where you can spend your life the way you always wanted to. However, for many Americans, retirement means cutting down on their expenses to meet the ends. There could be hundreds or even thousands of things that you would love to do when you grow old. This is why it is extremely important to save for your future to ensure that you fulfill all your aspirations without any inhibitions.

When saving for your future, you must weigh your options precisely to avoid any future risks. Starting at an earlier age gives you the benefit of saving for both your short term, as well as, long term goals. For instance, you can plan for your child’s higher education, you can invest in the college funds or if you plan to buy a house, you can do that by saving and investing at the earliest possible.

The key to a successful investment plan is focusing on the long-term goals, without ignoring the short-term goals. Plan your finances accordingly and make your future secure.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

6 Must Have Policies For A Happy Living | MoneyTips - This video by MoneyTips highlights the importance of Insurance. Most of the American families are either uninsured or under insured and they constantly live in danger of being helpless in case of a disaster.This video will talk about the insurances every family must have to ensure that in case of any mishap, the family is still able to manage finances without any hassle.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Real Money: Tips for Getting a Raise at Work

This video highlights the various tips one should follow while asking your boss for a raise. For more queries on financial matters, visit Moneytips - the Personal Finance Community.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Money Tips that Grow With Your Children

Infographic: Money Tips that Grow With Your Children 

Turning your child from a materialist into a money-savvy young adult is a serious undertaking, so start as early as you can. Check out this infographic for the money tips that grows with your child.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Thursday, 20 February 2014

10 Car Insurance Discounts That Can Save You Money

The infographic titled ’10 Car Insurance Discounts That Can Save You Money’ has been created by MoneyTips with the big idea of spreading awareness about how people can save on auto insurance by following simple steps. There are simple tips that help in having a lot of savings while getting coverage.

The infographic adumbrates:
  • Different Types Of Insurance Discounts
  • How To Avail Each Type Of Discount
  • Discount Percentage That Can Be Availed
  • Helpful Tips To Avail The Discount

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How Does a 529 Plan Work?


Choosing a 529 Plan is no simple thing and many investors don’t have a full understanding of how these things work. Just checkout the basics in this infographic and contact Moneytips for any further assistance.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Paying Off Student Loans

With the rising inflation, it has become extremely difficult for many students to get into a college and pursue their dream of higher studies. Student loan is the best option to get into a college as it takes care of all the college expenses. So if you are planning to take a student loan, here are some important tips that will help you pay off the debt after completion of your studies –
  • Summers are an excellent time to learn and earn. When in college, most students go for an internship or job for experience and money. However, the trick is not to spend all that you earn. Save this amount as this will be a huge help in paying off a large portion of your student loan.
  • There are various financial aid programs, grants and scholarships for which you can apply. Getting a scholarship can save a lot of your study expenses, making it easier for you to pay the debt.
  • Volunteer yourself for a job in college. This will help you in earning round the year without having to worry about the debt payment.
Nearly half of the college graduates today have a student loan to repay. If you are one of those who have a student loan, follow the tips above to repay your student loan easily, without facing any financial strain.

Bankruptcy Attorneys to Steer You away from the Harsh Financial Crisis

Life is unpredictable and you never know what might happen the next moment. The home or car that you have invested in, you may find it difficult to pay for them at some stage in your life. When you are going through a financial crisis, bankruptcy attorneys owing to their experience and knowledge offer financial guidance and counseling to individuals. Bankruptcy attorneys offer a guiding hand to their clients in understanding the process, weighing their options and filing for bankruptcy to bring them out of their on-going financial crisis.

Bankruptcy attorneys are the experts that you need to keep your financial strains behind and make a fresh start. They know various alternatives to your problems and can provide you the solution that you need. Contrary to the popular belief that hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can add to your financial crisis, by having a legal team, you add substantial value to your case helping you in winning your case. Bankruptcy lawyers on your behalf can also negotiate with the creditors about the lending modification, which most of the time works. If you are someone who is reeling under a financial crisis then getting in touch with a professional bankruptcy lawyer can be extremely beneficial.

Learning about Disability Insurance

There is a lot of skepticism around disability insurance that makes most of the people to shy away from taking a disability insurance cover. Disability insurance is a crucial part of everyone’s life as an accident can lead to permanent disability. This could be a very disheartening situation as it may leave you without work and under a financial strain for life. So, how can you protect yourself from such an unfortunate situation? Although nobody can predict a future event, but you can definitely secure your future with disability insurance.

Disability apart from making an individual incapable of working and earning also exerts additional burden in terms of doctors’ fees and the medical costs associated with the treatment. Can you imagine surviving without an income? If you fear this may happen to you, it is necessary to go for disability insurance.

Disability insurance is important as it acts as a shield from the financial disturbances that occur with disability. Investing a small portion of your monthly income can reap huge benefits in the future. Select the disability insurance policy that offers maximum benefits to you and prepare yourself for any combat in life.

3 Things to Consider for an Effective Estate Planning

Whether you have acres of land or just a few houses, estate planning is important for everyone. When you are doing estate planning, there are numerous important aspects that have to be considered. Estate planning involves a comprehensive plan and missing out on even a minor detail can lead to a lot of trouble later. Below are a the three most important things to consider while estate planning –
  • In addition to the physical assets that you have, it is necessary that you get all of your accounts registered with the person you are choosing as your trustee.
  • An illness or accident can make you crippled. It is therefore necessary to name someone who would make all the important financial decisions on your behalf.
  • Preparing your will is the most important part of estate planning. You must clearly decide that what you want to do with your property once you depart and who would be your beneficiaries.
Estate planning is something which should be done by evaluating all your options to ensure that your property does not go waste once you depart your earthily abode. It is therefore essential to hire legal advisors who can help you in devising the best plan for you.

Avoid these Blunders when Selecting an Insurance Service Provider

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right insurance service provider? Are you confused about the sugary claims the insurance companies make to attract new clients? Here are some things that you should avoid when selecting an insurance service provider –
  • Most people make the mistake of going for an insurance service provider without doing proper research about the policy. When you are buying the insurance policy, it is extremely essential that you compare different insurance companies before selecting the one that suits you the best.
  • Whether it is life insurance, disability insurance or natural disaster insurance, it is imperative that you talk to your insurance agent about your objective of getting an insurance policy. Most people ignore this fact and opt for insurance which they feel is the best for them.
  • Ignoring your finances is another major mistake people make when choosing an insurance service provider. For instance, your personal insurance policy might cover travel related aspects in your country, but it may, or may not be beneficial if you are traveling abroad.
Insurance is a matter of great importance and therefore every aspect related to it should be considered in order to select the best policy and service provider for you.

Prepare Yourself for the Next Storm

Nature is unpredictable and you never know what might happen with you or your property any moment. Our planet earth faces the wrath of nature from time to time and every now and then we hear the horrendous news related to the storms destroying the whole of cities. Although homeowners and businesses protect their property with storm insurance, it is imperative to understand the coverage of the storm insurance policy so that they get a shield from every type of damage caused by storms.

Storm and bad weather can shake the complete foundation of a building. People go to any lengths to prevent their homes from storms and flooding. However, they forget the significance of getting insured with proper storm insurance. Most homeowners are under the misconception that their normal homeowner's insurance will be all that they need in case of a natural disaster.

However, homeowner’s policy does not provide complete protection against the losses incurred by storms. To ensure that you do not have to reel under a financial strain in the repairs, protect your property with storm insurance today and say goodbye to stress and sleepless nights.

Best Debt Collection Strategies for Your Business

For every business to run its operations smoothly, it is important to maintain a regular cash flow. Cash is required for meeting the daily requirements of a business and thus having all your payments as accounts receivables for a future date can become a big issue. Debt collection is like life and blood for a business. Especially for small businesses, that have limited resources, collecting of the accruing debt is extremely important. Here are some strategies for debt collection that every business should implement –
  • Whenever you are offering goods or services on credit, it is necessary that you communicate the credit terms to your clients. State the actions that would be taken in case they fail to make the payments on time.
  • Keep your credit records up-to-date and install good accounting software to help you maintain the records of the outstanding bills and debt at your fingertips.
  • Do not delay the process of debt collection. As soon as the credit reaches the stipulated time, send a formal reminder to your clients.
  • If there is a genuine reason for non-payment, communicate with your client and come up with a valid alternative.
Apart from the above strategies, as a business, you can also hire a debt collection agency to unburden you with the process of debt collection. Keep these strategies and do not let debt affect your business.

Why it is Beneficial to Buy International Travel Insurance?

Majority of us while traveling to a foreign location are concerned about the hotels, important places to see and the complete itinerary. When traveling abroad, your belongings are not the only things that you must be concerned about. Any individual who is traversing the physical boundaries of another country should also be concerned about his/her health. This is the reason why anyone traveling abroad must have international travel insurance.

If you have an insurance plan in your home country, it may or may not offer coverage outside your native country. Even if your health insurance policy offers cover outside the physical boundaries of your nation, they are very limited. Furthermore, the coverage provided under your health insurance might cover only the emergencies. However, these emergencies are defined by various service providers differently.

The first step in buying international travel insurance is checking with your existing health insurance provider about what is covered in it. Check with the international travel insurance providers about the various plans and buy the one that offers enough coverage for various sicknesses and any medical conditions that you might suffer from.

Buy an international travel insurance policy and make your travel even more pleasurable.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Your Credit Score [Infographic]

Moneytips has created an infographic for helping people improve their credit scores. This will be achieved by giving information about different types of credit scores models and giving tips to improve credit ratings.

The infographic adumbrates:
  • Different credit rating models and their score range
  • Statistics about average credit scores
  • 9 Tips for speeding up repair of credit rating

Saving For Your Child’s College [Infographic]

This infographic has been launched by Moneytips for helping parents save for their child’s college education. Going to college is a ladder to financial success but the inflating college tuition prices make it difficult for parents to send their children to the college of their choice. But this can be achieved by proper financial planning and taking avid steps to save for children’s future college education.

The infographic adumbrate:
  • Statistics About College Tuition Fees and Expenses
  • How Higher Education Leads To Higher Income
  • 7 Ways To Save For Your Kids’ College Education

Monday, 20 January 2014

Payday Loans and Tax Time

Infographic: Payday Loans and Tax Time

The infographic displayed highlights various ways in which the Cash Advance (Payday Loans) borrowers uses their tax refund.

Earthquake Insurance - What to look for?

While going for an earthquake insurance, just look out for few things as described in the CBC reports.

Storm damage? Will your insurance pay

A holiday cottage takes the full force of a wave at Lee near Ilfracombe, North Devon

Check out what storm insurance policy holders can look to insurance companies for help?

Homes: Storm damage should be covered by your home insurer. Most operate 24-hour emergency helplines, and you should call them before you do anything. Note, householders are obliged to try to minimise their losses, which means getting in an emergency glazer, or other work done such as shoring up a roof, to keep the weather out. Insurers will advise on this.

Cars: Don't take your car through anything more than a few inches of water. If you must, drive extremely slowly (under 5mph), in first gear, and using high revs. Car insurers are braced for a surge in claims after the storms left many roads underwater.

Travel: Train and air travelers whose trains were cancelled as a result of the weather and they didn't board are entitled to a full refund. If you were on a substantially delayed train you can fill in a compensation form and you will get all, or some of, the ticket price back, depending on the length of the delay.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

The World's Most Expensive Homes


From Buckingham Palace to Hugh Hefner's PlayBoy Mansion, this infographic highlights the most expensive homes across the globe.

However, every home deserves protection and its good to get homeowners insurance schedule to be on safe side.

Auto Insurance - How much is enough?

This infographic tells about the different types of damages occurred during accidents and how much Auto Insurance is enough to compensate for that.