Monday, 28 April 2014

Foreclosure and Eviction Process

Many times due to unfortunate circumstances, several homeowners have to face foreclosure and eviction from there homes. The process can be exhausting process with the family leaving the property and moving to a new place.

Foreclosure is the process of selling a debtor’s property to recover the loan amount. Generally, a foreclosure takes place if the debtor is late behind his/her payments for around 3 to 6 months. If the debtor is unable is pay the amount after this period, banks order foreclosure of the property to recover the loan amount.

Once the property is put for foreclosure, the eviction process law varies from state to state. Some states give a period of one year for homeowners to stay and redeem the property and some states do not have any eviction period. An eviction process generally takes about 2 to 4 weeks, where the homeowner is given the notice to look for another place to live. But once, the notice period gets over, locks are changed and the homeowners are put on the streets if they have not evicted the property yet. Therefore, it is better to look out for a new place before the sheriff comes home for the eviction process.

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