Thursday, 27 March 2014

Disability Insurance – All You Need to Know

Most of us are skeptical when it comes to insurance, particularly personal injury and disability insurance. A small accident can leave you disabled for life. This is a situation where the person who has been injured, starts dwelling in negativity and hopelessness.

Disability insurance is an important part of our life as it protects us during an unfortunate event or occurrence. Disability, apart from making an individual incapable of working and earning his/her bread also asserts financial pressure on him/her in terms of medical billings and costs. When a person has limited income, it can never be a happy situation to manage the daily life and manage the devouring medical bills simultaneously.

Disability insurance is important as it acts as a shield against the uninvited financial turbulences that come with disabilities, injuries or accidents. Disability insurance by allowing a victims to pay their bills make them self reliant and confident, which eventually help them in leaving the trauma behind and starting a new life afresh.

Nobody can predict the occurrence of accidents and therefore it is wise to invest a small portion of your income towards disability insurance. So, prepare for your future and choose the right disability insurance policy for you.

Things You Must Ask Your Car Accident Insurance Adjuster

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. It is therefore necessary to protect you with accidents, sickness and injury insurance. Car accident claims can be tricky and tedious to deal with. Here are a few things that you should ask the insurance adjuster –

  • Always be proactive and consider secondary policies to go with your insurance cover. This would give you an overall protection from the various issues related to the car accident.
  • Do not forget to ask the adjuster about the duplicate copies of the policy and any other document that gives the details about the policy. This is extremely important as it will tell you about the claim.
  • When the accident is not your fault, get that in writing and keep a copy with you. Although most of the insurance companies would prefer not to provide this to you, it is advisable to ask for a copy as it will be a proof that the accident did not occur because of you. Also, make sure that the document has the contact details of the witnesses in it.

Accidents not only harm you physically, but they also cripple you financially by adding to your medical costs and vehicle repairs. Choose the right accident insurance policy for you to protect you during an accident.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

7 Big Retirement Investing Mistakes

This infographic titled ‘7 Big Retirement Investing Mistakes’ from Moneytips helps people in investing with an objective of creating corpus for their retirement. This infographic will help them avoid costly mistakes by showing the mistakes commonly occurring.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Best Investment Strategy for 2014 - Moneytips

This video describes 5 investment tips for great returns in the New Year 2014. It gives simple and smart steps which can be taken into account while making a smart investment strategy or for revising the current financial strategy. This video will give the investors best allocations and the returns they can get by using them. For more info, visit:

Financial Planning Tips for 2014 – Moneytips - This video titled 'Financial Planning Tips for 2014' describes the 7 practices for a better management of personal finance in the New Year 2014. It gives simple and smart steps which can be taken up as ideal New Year resolutions.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Infographic: Bankruptcy

The infographic titled ‘Bankruptcy’ has been created by Moneytips with the big idea of imparting information about the different aspects of bankruptcy. In some cases it is beneficial for a person to file bankruptcy, but they are unable to do so due to the lack of detailed knowledge. This infographic aims at filling that gap.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Monday, 3 March 2014

Evictions – Why Hiring an Attorney can be Beneficial?

Evicting a tenant from your house is not something one looks forward to excitedly. However, for a landlord, it is something, which at many times become unavoidable. And if you are someone who has rented more properties, you are more likely to go round and round the courts to get the eviction proceedings done.

Most of the landlords are of the view that they can handle the eviction process on their own. However, in reality, eviction is a long and tedious process. Hiring an attorney specializing in evictions could be extremely helpful in such a situation.

Going to courts is extremely time consuming. For a busy individual, driving to a court and attending the hearings can take most of the day. Imagine sitting in the court aisles and waiting for your turn. This is where eviction attorneys can help you out. Apart from saving your precious hours, hiring an attorney would also give you a professional edge in your case. Attorneys know the intricacies of the law and can put a better case for you, ensuring that you do not fall to the tricks used by tenants to win the case.

Hire a professional attorney who can represent you in court and help you in winning it against your tenant.

Protect Your Family with a Sound Disaster Plan

Unpredictability of nature is the only predictable thing that we know. One can not predict when a natural calamity would strike and at what impact. Every year, billions of dollars are lost in floods, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters. So for a homeowner, it becomes extremely important to safeguard your family and this can be done with a sound disaster management plan.

It is always recommended to take preventive measures rather than worry about later. Learn about the different disasters, which might strike in the area where you live. Once you have all the data with you, it is the time to prepare yourself from such natural disasters.

Depending upon the geographical area where you live, you must get your house protected with natural disaster insurance. For instance, if you stay in an earthquake prone region, it is extremely important to go for earthquake insurance to protect your belongings and property from the damages caused by the earthquake. Natural disasters do not come by knocking on your door. Prevent your family and property before its too late.

Saving for Your Future

Retirement is that time when you are free from all the obligations and where you can spend your life the way you always wanted to. However, for many Americans, retirement means cutting down on their expenses to meet the ends. There could be hundreds or even thousands of things that you would love to do when you grow old. This is why it is extremely important to save for your future to ensure that you fulfill all your aspirations without any inhibitions.

When saving for your future, you must weigh your options precisely to avoid any future risks. Starting at an earlier age gives you the benefit of saving for both your short term, as well as, long term goals. For instance, you can plan for your child’s higher education, you can invest in the college funds or if you plan to buy a house, you can do that by saving and investing at the earliest possible.

The key to a successful investment plan is focusing on the long-term goals, without ignoring the short-term goals. Plan your finances accordingly and make your future secure.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

6 Must Have Policies For A Happy Living | MoneyTips - This video by MoneyTips highlights the importance of Insurance. Most of the American families are either uninsured or under insured and they constantly live in danger of being helpless in case of a disaster.This video will talk about the insurances every family must have to ensure that in case of any mishap, the family is still able to manage finances without any hassle.